At Stackajack we design and make stylish and multi-functional children’s furniture, which we feel will literally transform your world. Each one of our products transforms into something else, so you get years of use from one piece of furniture. As your children develop, Stackajack products evolve and grow with them. Stackajack is an Irish company owned by Emma Webb, the designer, and Kerri Nolan, the marketer.

The first range, the Stackajack Clevercrib, is now available in Ireland in Mothercare. We will have more great products coming soon and more stockists selling the range, so if you want to be updated send us your email address here and we will keep in touch.

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Stackajack Product Ltd. Designed and made in Ireland. Essential children’s furniture re-imagined.

Emma’s story.

I’ve spent most of my professional life solving other people’s design problems. In 2009 with the fantastic news that I was expecting my first baby, I was catapulted into a world of baby-sized design nightmares.

My son, Jack has brought me intense joy and exhaustion! Nothing prepares you for a new baby – the lack of sleep, the constant feeding, the non-stop routine….but then your baby smiles at you. Wow what a feeling!

Though I loved every minute, like many new parents I met, we were spending a small fortune on equipment and furniture. Our babies were out-growing everything fast and we had nowhere to store stuff. I tried to stack furniture at night in a corner of the living room so that I could have some space when Jack was asleep. This was wearying and messy.

In the end I gave everything away. I might as well have flushed hundreds of euros down the toilet. But it gave me an idea!

Why couldn’t one thing do more and take up less space? Staring at my high chair one day, I noticed that the space between the legs was not being used and wondered what would fit below. So I started sketching ideas.

Two years later my ideas became a reality!

Stackajack was born out of love and practicality and is about parents’ needs as much as their child’s. We often get forgotten in the frenzy of raising our children and I wanted to make beautiful and clever things that gave parents pleasure; as well as saving space, time and money.

I hope you and your children will love and have fun with our furniture, all you need is imagination! Jack and I have made forts and boats and all sorts of things to play in (and on!) and best of all, Jack loves having his own special space and furniture.

Love Emma and Jack